Why Monkey Balm Should Be in Every Hiking Pack

Why Monkey Balm Should Be in Every Hiking Pack

Sep 13 , 2021

Jared Alvey

While deciding what to take with you on your next outdoor adventure, adding Monkey Balm to your backpack should be a no-brainer. Whether you’re climbing Mount Everest or observing nature at your local park, this space-saving balm derived from natural, organic ingredients is the most convenient skin care remedy around.

Quick, Clean, Easy Application

The twist up tube applicator makes applying the balm incredibly easy, which means no mess or greasy hands. The applicator alone gives Monkey Balm a huge leg up on its lotion and moisturizer alternatives. It also saves valuable space in your hiking pack. The tube is small enough that you can very easily stash it in a side pocket.

Super Skin Soothing Powers

Monkey Balm also has some very attractive healing, protective, and anti-inflammatory properties, thanks to its unique blend of ingredients. Monkey Balm’s formula is really what sets it apart from its lotion and moisturizer substitutes. This makes it excellent for all of the minor rashes and small cuts, bumps, and scrapes that tend to happen now and again with outdoor activities, like mosquito bites, hives, and sunburns.

Extremely Versatile

In addition to everything mentioned above, it works wonders for calluses, eczema, dry elbows, and dry skin in general. It takes up less space than lotion or Vaseline in your backpack, and makes much less of a mess. Not only that, it’s more convenient to apply and more pragmatic overall than other balms, lotions, and ointments. Avoid the inconvenience and mess of traditional moisturizers and balms, and bring Monkey Balm on your next outdoor adventure!