About Monkey Balm

Cruelty Free

Our products are cruelty free. We do not test or support the testing of cosmetics on animals.


Sourced from a sustainable, fair-trade supply straight from the Himalayan mountains.


USDA certified organic ingredients free of synthetic additives like pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

Created by a Mother of 3

“After years of trying every over-the-counter and prescription cream under the sun to help my poor little monkeys, I’d had enough.”
– Meagan McMullin, Creator of Monkey Balm

Meagan McMullin is a mother of 3 boys, each with naturally dry skin and eczema. It was so bad, in fact, that they would often scratch their itchy dry skin to the point it would bleed.

After years of trying every over-the-counter and prescription cream available, she discovered the “Holy Fruit of the Himalayas,”

The Secret Ingredient: Sea Buckthorn Oil

Meagan and her husband started experimenting with simple, effective methods to deliver this miraculous oil to the sensitive skin of their children. And after a few years of trial and error, they finally nailed it.

Monkey Balm is the culmination of many different formulas and application methods. It’s the perfect combination of an effective, “no-stingy” formula, the main ingredient being sea buckthorn fruit and seed oils. All of this is combined in a simple, easy to use application “stick” that lasts longer than any cream or salve.


Different Amino Acids


Essential Nutrients


Different Vitamins


Skin-Healthy Fatty Acids

Organic and Effective

It is of utmost importance to us at Monkey Balm that our families and our customers use only the most natural, safe, chemical-free products. That’s exactly why the ingredients in Monkey Balm are extremely high quality and 100% natural. The sea buckthorn oils are USDA certified organic and come from a sustainable, fair-trade source straight from the Himalayan mountains.

Although Monkey Balm has been specially designed to be mild and safe for kids – as young as newborns – it’s great for adults as well. It’s highly effective for run-of-the-mill dry skin, cracked heels and knuckles, scrapes and burns, and even insect bites.

Natural, No-Sting, Soothing Emollients

Our no sting, no mess tube stick design makes dry skin relief cleaner and easier. And since Monkey Balm is always made with the highest quality natural ingredients, it features organic sea buckthorn oils and an impressive roster of other organic soothing natural emollients. We make it easy to achieve and maintain baby soft skin for your little monkeys!

Monkey Balm is safe and effective for everyone — babies, toddlers, children, and adults!

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