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The Home Skin Remedy That’s A Must-Have For Your Diaper Bag

Whether you’re at home or on-the-go, a dependable dry skin relief and eczema product is essential for keeping your little monkey’s skin soft, smooth and healthy. Monkey Balm’s no-sting, no-mess tube stick design makes dry skin relief cleaner and easier, so you can stop worrying about the next “lotion accident” in the diaper bag or purse. And since it’s Monkey Balm, it’s always made with the highest quality natural, organic ingredients.

What Makes Monkey Balm’s Natural Skin Care Formula Special?

Monkey Balm’s home skin remedy formula harnesses the soothing, healing, and hydrating power of the Sea Buckthorn Berry. The fruit and seeds of the Sea Buckthorn are powerful antioxidants, which have anti-inflammatory and a plethora of skin health benefits associated with each of them. Sea Buckthorn is also the only plant to contain Omega 3, 6, 9 and 7. Not only that, it is the most abundant vegetarian source of the rare fatty acid Omega 7 on the planet. The Sea Buckthorn’s unique composition of fatty acids and vitamins is what makes Monkey Balm gentle enough for your little monkey’s diaper rash, but effective enough that it still works great for adult calluses, eczema, dry skin, scrapes or burns.

Monkey Balm For Everyday Mom and Child Use

Use it after bath time; since it’s a tube stick, your monkey can apply it without making a mess on the carpet or their hands. Use it when your monkey has a cold and runny nose; the Sea Buckthorn is exceptional at soothing chapped noses and lips. The Sea Buckthorn in Monkey Balm also works fabulously on mosquito bites, cuts and scratches.

Not just for little monkeys, Monkey Balm is great for big monkeys, too! The healing and hydrating properties of our balm make it an excellent home callus remedy; it works remarkably well for cracked heels, knuckles, and elbows; and for the same reasons, can help keep you pain-free and rash-free from chafing in warm weather.